Amor, Ciencia y Virtud

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Knowing the globalization process faced by our country and the world, is a main goal for The Colegio Colombo Ingles to train students with an excellent level in this language , Students with a productive and communicative skills, therefore our graduates will be able to fulfill in environments where predominate a second language.



That is why our institution through agreements and strategies in Colombia and abroad, has been implementing a teaching model for the English language, to develop basic communicative skills from kindergarten to grade 11 , likewise we have included an international standard assessment such as the TOEFL for students in 11th and 5th grade respectively in order to be accredited their English level. It will be very useful for admission to a university in an English speaking country, in Colombia or where English is required for a professional degree.

Our students are certified by ETS - Educational Testing Service.



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